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Looking for an indoor sunbed? We've got two options for you at YVS: our stand-up booth—a 220-watt Super Cyclone Sun Capsule—and our lay-down bed—a 160-watt SunStar 432 with 400-watt facial lamp.

If you're just dropping in, you can get 2–5 minutes for $7.00 or 6–8 minutes for $10.00—both with taxes included. But for the best value, we also offer bargain packages: 60 minutes for $55.00 plus tax, or 120 minutes for $90.00 plus tax. Once you've bought a package, your minutes never expire; you can stop by at any time and head right in.

(Remember: you must have eye protection to use a sunbed; ordinary sunglasses are not suitable. We sell the glasses if you don't have a pair to bring with you.  Sunbeds close half an hour before store closure.)
Super Cyclone Sun Capsule
SunStar 432